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What Weʼve Done

In 2012, we helped Grey Box develop a game publishing brand and business to bring thoughtful and visually stunning games to market.


A science fiction real-time strategy video game developed by Petroglyph Games, produced by Six Foot, and published by Grey Box on January 23, 2015 for Microsoft Windows. It features a playable faction based on the grey goo scenario.


Dreadnought™ puts you in command of massive capital ships for tactical, 8v8 warfare throughout the Solar System and across the skies of different planets. As a mercenary captain, your motivations are simple: to reap the rewards of battle and build your reputation—and to be fearless doing it.


RiME is a single-player puzzle adventure game about a young boy shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. Players must use their wits to decipher the challenges and secrets of an expansive world strewn with rugged terrain, wild creatures and the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten civilization. With subtle narrative, colorful cel-shaded artwork and a sweeping score, RiME offers players a meaningful journey filled with discovery.


How We Think

At Six Foot, “What if?” and “Why not?” are our mantras in the face of a challenge. Our sense of wonder allows us to explore boundless solutions and endless possibilities for our clients and partners. And we’re always ready to explore other aspirations.


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